06/21/2018 afternoon surf report

IMG_0638.JPGThe wind has picked up this afternoon giving us a bigger swell, however pretty drifty. There are some chunks out there though that look worth the paddle.

High tide 15:29

Low tide 21:43

Air temperature 86˚

Water temperature 83˚

Wind SW 12kts

06/21/2018 morning surf report


Good morning! We have a little bump out there this morning, about knee to thigh high. There’s a side shore wind right now about 10kts. We should expect an increase in size later on this afternoon as we get closer to high tide.

High tide 02:38

Low tide 09:04

Air temperature 85˚

Water temperature 83˚

Wind 10kts

6/20/2018 morning surf report


We have a really fun wave this morning! It seems to be in the thigh-waist high range. The wind is gentle out of the ESE. We should see an improvement as the tide fills in this morning. Check your spot and get on it!

High tide 01:37

Low tide 08:08

Air temperature 85˚

Water temperature 83˚

Wind ESE 6kts

6/19/2018 morning surf report

FullSizeRender 5.jpg

Good morning! We’re supposed to have the sun with us all day today, but it is a hot one as we are under a heat advisor today. Wear that sunscreen and stay hydrated. It’s a bit choppy out there, however with a little chunk about knee to thigh high, so if you’re itching for a wave, go get it!

High tide 00:38

Low tide 07:11

Air temperature 85˚

Water temperature 80˚

Wind W 7kts

6/18/2018 afternoon surf report

image.jpgThe wind has picked up significantly since this morning. The windswell has increased as well. It’s drifty and choppy in the waist high range. You’ll have to work for it if you want it.

Low tide 18:16

High tide 00:38

Air temperature 83*

Water temperature 80*

Wind SW 15kts

6/18/2018 morning surf report


Hopefully the rain will stay away, so the sun can join us for the afternoon. We have a small winds well in the knee high range as we approach the high tide. The onshore wind isn’t too bad at the moment. Check your spot and have a great day!

Low tide 06:15

High tide 12:17

Air temperature 81˚

Water temperature 80˚

Wind SW 6kts

6/17/2018 afternoon surf report

imageIt’s a beautiful day to spend with the family on the beach for Father’s Day. There is a little knee-thigh high chunk out there this afternoon! The winds starting to pick up though, so grab that longboard and go catch it while you can.

Low tide 17:13

High tide 23:41

Air temperature 83*

Water temperature 79*

Wind SSW 13kts

6/17/2018 morning surf report


Happy Father’s Day! Possible thunder storms today (who really knows). As for surf, we have some small knee-thigh high sets rolling in this morning The wind is moderate onshore at the moment, but there are still some fun waves to be caught.

Low tide 05:20

High tide 11:15

Air temperature 81˚

Water temperature 79˚

Wind SW 8kts

6/16/2018 afternoon surf report


We’re starting to see some fun waves as the tide is filling in. The wind has died off, and there are some fun peaks. Great job to all of our lessons today!

Low tide 16:15

High tide 22:46

Water temperature 80*

Air temperature 81*

Wind SSE 8kts

6/16/2018 morning surf report


As we approach a 10:16 high tide, the sandbar is holding up what little swell we have. It looks to be in the thigh high range. It could be worth it with the right board. Check your spot. It’s Saturday, so go surf!

Low tide 04:27

High tide 10:16

Water temperature

Air temperature 77˚

Wind ENE 4kts