Meet the Team


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Rob is a retired US Navy Corpsman, he served in a Marine Corps infantry battalion, and delivered medical care on and off the battlefield for 2 deployments. He found surfing to be a therapy several years back, and ever since has dedicated almost all of his free time to the water. Rob has instructed for the Warrior Surf Foundation, (501(c) nonprofit organization for Veterans and their families) since 2016, and enjoys teaching just as much as surfing! He is a proud husband and father that hopes to share the love for the art of surfing for the rest of his life!

“No one else will ever see you ride your best wave”

-Rob Whaley


Clif is an Army Veteran, he served in an infantry battalion and did one deployment to Operation Enduring Freedom. He found the love for surfing through the Warrior Surf Foundation in 2016, and has since been in love with the art of surfing, and teaching others to surf ever since. Much like Rob, Clif also instructs students with the Warrior Surf Foundation on Saturdays. Clif is also pursuing a bachelors degree in exercise science, and is always looking for a new challenge!

“It only takes one wave to make you a surfer for the rest of your life”



Abby was born and raised right here in the Crystal Coast. She started surfing at 11 years old. her love for saltwater activities drove her to begin competition surfing, where she became a 3x ESA(Eastern Surfing Association) CNC(Central North Carolina) district champion. 

“Aside from the competition aspect of surfing, I enjoy sharing the love of surfing with those around me, and sharing the meaning of not only surfing, but the ocean as a whole”