Meet the Team

ALL team members are CPR/BLS certified and have undergone open water safety training

Rob is a retired US Navy Corpsman, he served in a Marine Corps infantry battalion, and delivered medical care on and off the battlefield for 2 deployments. He found surfing to be a therapy several years back, and ever since has dedicated almost all of his free time to the water. Rob has instructed for the Warrior Surf Foundation, (501(c) nonprofit organization for Veterans and their families) since 2016, and enjoys teaching just as much as surfing! He is a proud father that hopes to share the love for the art of surfing for the rest of his life!

“No one else will ever see you ride your best wave” -Rob Whaley


Meet our LEAD INSTRUCTOR, Bailey! Bailey has been an instructor for a little over 2 years. She is a very outgoing, personable and passionate instructor. Bailey is not only an instructor, but also attends UNCW full time as a junior. Bailey is extremely knowledgeable with wave timing, technique and most importantly- SAFETY.


Meet Kylie! Though we would love to keep her, Kylie is only with us through the end of the Summer as she is moving to Tennessee, get a lesson with her while you can! Kylie’s passion for everyone to have a great time in the water runs deep, but nothing compares to her passion for the kiddos she encounters at work!


Kaleb is also one of our newer instructors but truly another perfect addition to EI Surf. Kaleb has been a dedicated individual his whole life. He has worked his way up to being an Eagle Scout,  learned 4 different instruments and now he is working between his time at Penn State where he attends college full time. Kaleb is a very strong swimmer with his background on the High School swim team making himself a great person to teach and display safety techniques when in the water.


Meet Logan! Logan is not only a surf instructor, but is also a full time student athlete at Catawba where she plays soccer.  When Logan isn’t teaching with us, you can find her enjoying time out on the boat.


Zach has been teaching with us for three years! He is always enthusiastic, intuitive and driven to make sure everyone catches a wave. If he isn’t surfing, you will find him golfing.

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